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Expert Digital Forensic Testimony

Expert Testimony

Courtroom Digital Forensic DFC staff members all have strong technical backgrounds, as well as the ability to explain the technology and forensic process in easy to understand terms. Our staff is experienced in expert testimony with many cases under their belts. Along with expert testimony, DFC staff members are also available to assist clients in understanding another expert's testimony and developing questions for cross-examination.

Popular Services

  • Expert testimony of evidence
  • Education of judges and juries on technical subjects
  • Neutral court-appointed experts
  • Verify forensic procedures
  • Review and validate or disprove others' findings

Invalidation of Evidence

Not only can the DFC validate its own evidence in a court of law, but it can find the mistakes of other digital investigators; mistakes that may invalidate their evidence and/or conclusions, rendering it useless. Acquiring and analyzing digital evidence of any kind in a forensically sound way requires expert training and a host of professional software and hardware. For example. acquiring and analyzing digital evidence in a forensically sound way requires proper use of specialized software and hardware. Merely opening a flash drive on a Windows machine and previewing its contents can fundamentally alter potential evidence by throwing off time line construction and raising data integrity questions. Frequently, amateur investigators and inexperienced lawyers present evidence that is less than forensically sound, or even completely wrong. Avoiding these mistakes, and catching these mistakes that have been made by others, requires digital forensics experts.