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Computer Forensic Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Damaged or malfunctioning electronic storage devices can hold a wealth of information you would rather not lose. We all store important financial, legal, and personal identity information on storage devices that we neglect to backup. Let trained professionals at the DFC analyze and recover your damaged or deleted files, and save you the hours of work to rebuild lost data. We can find information on almost any digital type of media: internal or external hard disks, USB flash drives, cell phones, etc. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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DriveSavers The DFC is an authorized reseller of DriveSavers Data Recovery Services.

DriveSavers has been able to maintain the highest data recovery success rate in the industry since their start in 1985. DriveSavers is available 24/7 and by using the link below you can receive a discounts just for being referred by the DFC.
RI Digital Forensics Center
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