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Computer Forensics Consulting

Digital Forensics Consulting

The DFC staff is made up of computer scientists and certified computer examiners who can help not just with forensic analysis, but also technology issues relating to forensics. In the past, the DFC has been contracted to build a centralized evidence storage lab for law enforcement. The DFC also has experience in assisting law enforcement and private entities in testing and validating forensic tools and procedures, as well completing research into how certain hardware, software, and Internet applications behave. The DFC has been contracted by the National Institute of Justice's Electronic Crime Technology Center of Excellence to lead an industry wide effort in producing law enforcement procedures for the best methods to acquire and analyze cellular phones.

Consulting Services

  • Guidance and Construction of Forensic Labs
  • Forensic Practices Guidance
  • Preparation of Discovery Requests and Legal Documents
  • Forensic Technology Assistance
  • Software, Hardware, or Technology Reports