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Digital Forensics Center

The Digital Forensics Center provides computer forensics analysis and digital investigation services. Our clients include legal professionals, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and private individuals.

A personalized consultation allows us to provide you with customized services. Our experienced staff will provide a forensically sound and cost effective solution to meet your computer forensics needs.

Explore Our Services

  • Digital Investigations
    Strengthen your case with forensically sound digital evidence.
  • QuickLook Service
    Clear up uncertainty by having our certified staff preview your case to see if a complete investigation is recommended.
  • Expert Testimony
    Validate your evidence in court, or find weaknesses in the testimony of opposing parties.
  • Digital Forensics Consulting
    Large or small, our experts can help you with all issues related to computer forensics.
  • Data Recovery
    Retrieve lost, damaged, or deleted data from a variety of storage devices.
  • Certified Data Deletion
    Dispose of sensitive information correctly, according to Department of Defense standards.



The total dollar loss from reported computer crime cases was $559.7 million with a median dollar loss of $575. This is up from $264.6 million in total reported losses in 2008.

2009 Internet Crime Report
Internet Crime Complaint Center

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