About Us

The staff of the DFC includes experts in computer forensics, computer science, computer networks, computer and network security, and data recovery. While most computer forensic experts have training in specific computer forensic tools, DFC staff members have extensive backgrounds in all areas of computing. DFC staff members are more qualified to handle complex computer forensic investigations due to their comprehensive backgrounds in computing technology.

The Digital Forensics Center provides computer forensics analysis and digital investigation services. Our clients include legal professionals, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and private individuals. The center operates as the community outreach division of the larger Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center at the University of Rhode Island.

We are firm believers that our success stems from having a wide variety of expertise in both the areas of digital forensics and computer science. We pride ourselves on the accomplishments, diversity and experience of our staff, and in turn are able to provide our clients with exceptional quality digital forensic services and advice.